Wetland Award 2006

 Best wetland Rehabilitation in a Gauteng Conservancy

Trophy donated by Hilton Butler





GOLD: Sandpan Conservancy



Sandpan Conservancy demonstrated excellent wetland conservation and active member participation. Species lists and an EMP are in place which are regularly updated. Involvement with schools, the local councils and communities and other conservancies is also excellent. They are making a positive impact on their wetlands and associated species and the conservancy’s passion and commitment clearly comes through!


SILVER: Bullfrogpan Conservancy



VERY close behind Sandpan Bullfrogpan is also doing excellent work to conserve their wetlands and has undertaken almost all of the same activities. Their ongoing commitment and dedication to conserving their wetlands is evident!


BRONZE: Thorntree Conservancy



Good assessment of the value, and features of their wetlands and efforts to conserve them. Good interactions with local councils, other conservancies and the public. We particularly liked the efforts to establish a sustainable use component using local plants.



Biodiversity Award 2006

Best Biodiversity practice in a Gauteng Conservancy

 Trophy Sponsored by the Endangered Wildlife Trust EWT





GOLD: Thorntree Conservancy



The judges felt that Thorntree demonstrated passion and an excellent commitment to biodiversity conservation. The development of a sustainable utilisation project, using local plants to create employment opportunities and to supply the muthi trade is applauded. Extensive species lists are essential for biodiversity inventorying and conservation and the conservancy is actively working to conserve some of its varied threatened species. A variety of important biomes exist in the conservancy and interaction with other conservancies, local councils, schools and communities is strong. The “no-go” area for off-road vehicles is also an important feature of the conservancy in the presence of highly sensitive species.


SILVER: Rhenosterspruit Conservancy



Excellent efforts to inventorise and conserve their biodiversity through direct action, education and communication. The conservancy’s extensive species lists and sound knowledge of the biodiversity of the area is crucial to effective conservation. This conservancy has a variety of important biomes and features of biodiversity in it which are being well conserved through the actions of the members.


BRONZE:Smuts Farm Conservancy



Smuts Farm contains some important, critical biodiversity features and threatened species. It is vital that this conservancy continues its good work! The finalisation of an EMP with scientifically sound management options and regimes will assist greatly. Species lists are a good start and should be expanded.



Meerkat Award 2006

 Best General practice in a Gauteng Conservancy







The judges liked the overall contribution to conservation across the broad spectrum of activities being undertaken by Rhenosterspruit. Exceptional work is being done in the areas of outreach and extension work, education and communication, land management, member support and participation and job creation. Their work with local councillors is vital. The extensive public participation in drafting their EMP is important as is the inclusion of members in all decisions and activities. Efforts to conserve the cultural heritage of the conservancy as well as its biodiversity value is also important. Partnerships created with other conservancies, civil society and government programmes were noted. The conservancy has clearly demonstrated its commitment to conservation, upliftment and sustainability and its members can be proud of what they have already and will continue to achieve!





Excellent land management activities and participation of members in all aspects. Nice demonstration of proactive conservation action with the owl project! Great variety of projects and attempts at job creation and upliftment. Interactions with other conservancies, schools, members and local councils is good. Their passion is evident!





This is a very new conservancy and yet, has achieved a remarkable amount. The participation of members and their extensive community work is wonderful. They show fantastic initiative with their projects and efforts to involve as many people as possible in their activities and planning. The initiation of an EMP and species lists is good. They demonstrate a passion for their conservancy and a strong appreciation for the value of their natural resources. This conservancy has remarkable potential and should keep going!