Wetland Award 2007

 Best wetland Rehabilitation in a Gauteng Conservancy

Trophy donated by Hilton Butler








Etwatwa Scout Conservancy is making excellent progress in the face of rather difficult conditions (informal settlement) and we felt this needed to be highly commended. We particularly liked the involvement of the scouts and the emphasis on educating scholars in that area. A little more detailed information (annual report?) would enhance the application. As one of the sites mentioned which this Conservancy is trying to protect, has got a Ramsar status attached to it, their work in identifying the need for actively getting involved should be recognised and commended






Elandsvlei Conservancy has been very creative in engaging conservancy members and the surrounding communities in the conservancy and have carried out a number of projects adding value to the conservancy as a whole. Their ongoing commitment and dedication to conserving their wetlands is evident!





 Sandpan Conservancy is another rather new conservancy which is putting huge efforts into upgrading their conservancy and improving the quality of the wetlands as well as additional projects specifically targeting the protection of bullfrogs.



Biodiversity Award 2007

Best Biodiversity practice in a Gauteng Conservancy

 Trophy Sponsored by the Endangered Wildlife Trust EWT





GOLD: Thorntree Conservancy


Thorntree Conservancy is doing a great job of addressing a great variety of issues within their conservancy simultaneously. These cover biophysical, social/cultural and economic enhancement of their immediate area, by trying to sustain the balance, in addressing larger pressures rather than focussing on one species. In such a way, GCA 037 adds much more value too advocating what conservancies ultimately are all about. Wise management, care and protection of the land which has been entrusted to you for the present and future generation’s usage and enjoyment.  



SILVER: cuLLINAN Conservancy


Cullinan Conservancy a very close second place to Thorntree Conservancy. Many very commendable projects on a variety of biodiversity issues and forward-thinking initiatives to protect and enhance biodiversity.




BRONZE:Smuts Farm Conservancy




Smuts Farm Conservancy is doing great work in a very urban environment. There is a cross-cutting theme of biodiversity protection of a sensitive and hugely threatened ecosystem and various specific species known to this type of system, as well as providing the balance with the biophysical with the protection of the historical buildings



Meerkat Award 2007

 Best General practice in a Gauteng Conservancy






Tswelopelle Conservancy is a very new addition with lots of great ideas and enthusiasm. A variety of ideas have already been implemented and we liked the very hands-on approach. We hope to see this conservancy grow quickly and effectively. In relation to other more established conservancies, we believe that GCA 052 will become an effective player in the field and we hope to encourage the enthusiasm shown by awarding this conservancy first place.





Rhenosterspruit Conservancy is a very well-rounded Gauteng Conservancy which has established itself as an important player on both local, provincial and national level. They have taken on the much larger topics and moved from just looking after their conservancy to trying to influence higher level players.





§          Joint Third Place: GCA 009 and GCA 037()

Both Cullinan and Thorntree Conservancy show a great variety of projects involving the surrounding communities as well as some projects aimed at children. We could not put one ahead of the other as both are deserving of a third place.


Special Commendations 2007


Thorntree Conservancy

Thorntree Conservancy applied for all three awards and is a very strong candidate in all. However, in comparing it to the other candidates in the Wetlands catergory, we felt they were at a distinct advantage as an already established conservancy and therefore set the criteria at a higher standard for this GCA. We would like to commend their continued vigilance in protecting their wetlands, as demonstrated in the toxic waste incident described.


Very commendable

Kathstan School Conservancy

GCA 050: We particularly liked the idea of a school conservancy as a unique approach to environmental education and more specifically wetlands – involvement of children from the start, giving them direct responsibility for their environment. You should be very proud of the fact that you are the very first School Conservancy in Gauteng and we hope to see a lot of other schools follow in your footsteps. Great Work!! 




Award winners 2006