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Background & Aims


Some place special to protect?
Community Conservation - the way to go!




The Gauteng Conservancy Association (GCA) was formed in February 2003 to promote conservation on private property in Gauteng and to protect Gauteng’s fast - disappearing biodiversity and greenbelt areas.  It is an independent body, prepared to co-operate with all those who are passionate about conservation and willing to work for it


The association has recently changed its name to the Gauteng Conservancy & Stewardship Association (GCSA) to align with the National Biodiversity Stewardship program in South Africa.  Conservancies have been recognised as the entry level of conservation by the National Biodiversity Stewardship South Africa.


The GCSA represents rural, urban, informal settlements, school and industrial conservancies in Gauteng.  These conservancies range in size from tens of thousands of hectares to tiny areas, measuring a few hectares, such as the Bullfrog Pan Conservancy, specially created in an urban area to protect the fast disappearing bullfrog population.


Conservancies have to deal with a multitude of problems:  illegal mining activities, dumping of refuse, overgrazing, veldfires, game poaching, theft of plants and rocks, tree-cutting, alien vegetation - to name a few.

In spite of this, many of them have succeeded in protecting some of the most beautiful and sensitive regions in Gauteng.



    • To conserve Gauteng’s environmental and agricultural resources.
    • To join forces with other conservation bodies to seek solutions to   environmental problems.
    • To actively involve all people and communities within our conservancies in conservation issues.
    • To develop a strong, united voice for conservation in Gauteng.
    • To encourage the formation of rural, urban, school, industrial and informal settlement conservancies in Gauteng.
    • To give support to and network with conservancies in Gauteng and throughout South Africa, by sharing information and resources.
    • To raise awareness among all residents of conservancies and the public, of the need to conserve our environmental and agricultural resources.
    • To gain recognition and support for our aims from the public, business and the government.






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Other Organisations that support the Conservancy movement:

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